ASEA UNINET Scholarship has been awarded to Indonesian since 1994, most of them are of Ph.D. candidates studying in Austria.  The scholarships can be divided into several schemes: Post-Doc Scholarship, Ph.D. Technology Grant Scholarship, Short Research Visit and On-Place Scholarship.

As for 2009 (see Dikti Announcement), the Scholarship will be awarded to those who fulfill the requirements and the selection process is conducted by interview (usually in February for the commencing year). Among the requirements, the most critical one is the availability of Letter of Acceptance from some Professor (for Ph.D. candidates) in Austria that should be presented to the interviewers during the  interview session.  This requirement is a must, as it is impossible to offer a scholarship to some candidate while there is no guarantee what the candidate should do during his/her stay.

Related to this important requirement, it is suggested that those who are interested in applying ASEA UNINET scholarship must seek for some Professor (Supervisor candidate). Because finding such Supervisor is not easy, please start this stage as earliest as possible. Some tips to ease the pursuit of supervisor are:

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