Photo Contest : Intercultural Encounters

Background Information

Intercultural Dialogue depicts a significant and successful instrument in the exchange between cultures and religions. In order to further strengthen the concept of dialogue, the Austrian Foreign Ministry (FMeiA) founded the Task Force “Dialogue of Cultures” in 2007, further consolidating efforts and actively engaging in multilateral and bilateral initiatives in the field of intercultural and interreligious dialogue. The Task Force’s projects are characterized by continuous cooperation with civil society, composed of organizations and experts who dedicate their efforts to the promotion and advancement of dialogue as an indispensable concept.

This photo contest - entitled „Intercultural Encounters“ - describes the Task Force’s newest initiative and aims to capture impressions, encounters, and experiences in the field of dialogue in form of pictures. The project further serves as an attempt to illustrate the many facets of dialogue as well as the diversity in opinion, interpretation, and understanding of the photographers in respect to the presented concept. A central aspect is “travelling”, which presents an imperative tool to approach and explore different cultures and religions.


Among all received photos, the most impressive and meaningful ones will be selected for the award by our jury. The best photos will become part of an exhibition that will travel through our Austrian Cultural Fora abroad and thus further promote the concept of intercultural and interreligious dialogue through your demonstrations. The three winners will be awarded with a camera by Lomo.

For further Information, please find the document available here