1. Meetings
    1. Plenary Meetings take place once every 18 months, alternating between a European and an Asian country
    2. National Coordinators Meetings take place between the Plenary Meetings. The venue is decided upon at the previous Plenary Meeting
  2. Membership – how to become a member resp. how to cancel membership
    1. Only a university as a whole (and not faculties thereof) can become members
    2. The Rector/President of the university should advise the National Coordinator of his country resp. if a new country that is not yet represented, the Regional Coordinator of his interest to become a member.
    3. If the National/Regional Coordinator support this request, it will be forwarded to the Chairman who may invite this university to introduce itself at the next Plenary Meeting, at such time the Plenum will vote whether or not this university will be accepted as a new member.
    4. Membership can be terminated at any time in writing by the Rector of the member university
  3. Membership Fees
    1. There is a one-time enrolment fee.
      European universities pay EUR 1.000
      Asian universities pay EUR 250
    2. Members pay a membership fee once a year on receipt of a debit note sent out on behalf of the Chairman.
      Fees for European universities are EUR 500 p.a.,
      Fees for Asian universities are EUR 300 p.a.
    3. c. If a Member University does not pay its fees for two consecutive years, the membership can be terminated with immediate effect
    4. d. An account for membership fees will be established and financial report be given at the Plenary Meeting
  4. Membership Representation
    1. Each university is represented by a University Coordinator who is appointed by the Rector in writing. The University Coordinator should be a Professor who actively carries out teaching and research
    2. Each country has a National Coordinator who is chosen by the University Coordinators of that country. To ensure continued cooperation over a long period, it is desirable that the National Coordinator is chosen /his position confirmed with the intention of holding this position over a longer period before the Plenary Meeting
  5. General Rules and Regulations
    1. All decisions require a 2/3rds majority
    2. In all activities each side should contribute in cash or kind according to their means. The per capita income of the countries serves as a general guideline for the relation of contributions.
    3. National governments are encouraged to provide specific support for the Network.