Salju Sambut Awal Perayaan Natal

Wina - Kebahagian menyambut Natal dirasakan oleh keluarga besar warga Kristen Katolik Indonesia-Austria  yang tinggal di kota Wina. Meskipun salju turun cukup lebat tahun ini, tak kurang sekitar 200 orang lebih memadati gedung Salvatorianerplatz kota Wina pada Sabtu malam (20/12/2009) lalu, untuk menggelar puncak perayaan Natal bagi warga Indonesia di Wina.

Puncak perayaan Natal ini diselenggarakan lebih awal untuk memberi kesempatan umat Kristiani Indonesia merayakan Natal pada tanggal 25 Desember nanti bersama keluarga dan handai taulan.

Menurut ketua panitia, Basuki Winoto, perayaan Natal di Wina kali ini memang dibuat berbeda dari tahun-tahun sebelumnya. Karena perayaan Natal kali ini bersifat terbuka untuk siapa saja warga Indonesia yang berada di Austria.

Hadir pula perwakilan warga dari berbagai organisasi, seperti Warga Muslim Pengajian Wina, diplomat KBRI, karyawan OPEC, staf PBB dan Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia (PPI) Austria.

Happy News on Austrian Alumna

In the end of 2009, two good news go to Austrian Alumna:

  1. Congratulation on the completion of  the study and the bestow of the Dr.Techn. degree to our colleague Duddy Wijaya who had successfully defended his Dissertation from TU Graz. Hope the knowledge will bring better future for mankind.  Your country is waiting for your coming and your participation in its development.
  2. Congratulation goes also to Dr. Nuryono (Lecturer of Math & Science Faculty, Gadjah Mada University), alumni of Innsbruck University. He has continuously demonstrated his best achievement, and The Ministry of Education of Indonesia has formally confer him the highest title of being a Professor (in Chemistry).  Gadjah Mada has at least 5 Professors of Austrian Alumna: Prof Danang Parikesit (TU Vienna), Prof Sri Wahyuni (Uni Graz), Prof Widodo (Univ Innsbruck), Prof Harno Dwi Pranowo (Univ Innsbruck) and Prof Nuryono (Univ. Innsbruck). How about alumna from other University? Please share your pride of being Austrian alumna here..

Dari Ladendorf untuk Korban Gempa Padang

Laporan dari Austria
Hanum Salsabiela Rais - detikNews

Wina - Rupanya musibah gempa Padang yang terjadi 30 September lalu terus mendapatkan perhatian dunia. Buktinya, duka tersebut rupanya juga dirasakan oleh warga desa Ladendorf di Austria yang jauhnya ribuan kilo dari Sumatera Barat.

Sekelompok pemuda pemudi Austria yang tergabung dalam perkumpulan Pencak Silat 'Anak Harimau' Ladendorf bekerja sama dengan PPI Austria mengadakan acara pentas seni dan kebudayaan untuk menggalang dana bagi korban gempa di Padang. Acara yang bertajuk 'Ladendorf hilft Padang' (Ladendorf membantu Padang) ini diadakan di gedung Balai Kota/Gemeindezentrum desa Ladendorf, 60 km utara kota Wina, Austria.

Pencak Silat 'Anak Harimau' adalah kelompok pencak silat yang didirikan oleh Stefan Taibl dan pemuda-pemuda dari Austria yang tertarik untuk mempelajari pencak silat dari Indonesia. Beberapa dari mereka pernah tinggal dan mendalami ilmu pencak silat harimau langsung di Bukittinggi, Padang. 

Itulah sebabnya setelah mendengar musibah gempa yang melanda kota Padang dan sekitarnya, mereka tergerak berinisiatif menggalang dana membantu korbang gempa. "Kami mengadakan acara ini, untuk membantu saudara dan teman teman kami di Padang,“ ungkap Stefan pada detikcom, Minggu (22/11/2009).

Charity Party "Ladendorf hilft Padang"

PPI Austria, group Gema Puspa Nusantara Dance (GPN) and Pencak Silat Association "The Tiger"-Ladendorf Austria intend to hold a fundraiser for the Padang with the name "Ladendorf Hilft Padang" on Sunday, November 22, 2009 at 14:00 -- done. Located in the Cardinal Franz König Strasse 1 to 2126 Ladendorf. The event structure is as follows.

The first part: starting at 14:00
14:15 to 14:30 demonstrations Indonesian martial art "Pencak Silat Ladendorf"
14:30 to 14:50 with belly dance groups Carmen Schuckert - Herrnbaumgarten
15:00 to 15:20 the music school Staatz (the children)
14:30 to 15:50 the martial art of children and Ernstbrunn Ladendorf
16:00 to 16:15 dance group performances Gema Puspa Nusantara

Naik Haji Selagi di Perantauan? Mengapa Tidak?

Reports from Austria
Go pilgrimage While in Overseas? Why Not?
Hanum Salsabiela Rais - detikNews

Vienna - There is no complicated division, as was done in our country. That is the picture if you want to take the pilgrims from Europe, at least from Austria. Pilgrims from Indonesia, which is only about 12 people will depart at the same time on Tuesday the 17th of November.

On the release in the Indonesian Embassy in Vienna, Hajjah and Hajj candidates are given a little pilgrimage knowledge instead of Manasik Haji. Beside filled with prayer, the event was also filled with pilgrimage guidance by H. Ustadz Hambali from the Netherlands.

Geographically, Mecca is much closer than Vienna than from Indonesia. That is why a lot of the diplomat's family or the professionals while running his time in Vienna also took himself to fulfill the call to the holy land.

Laskar Pelangi in Austria

An announcement is written by Rangga Almahendra on Facebook:

The Association of Indonesian Student in Austria (PPI Austria) & friends support the UNI BRENNT movement by presenting and playing Indonesian Bestseller Film Laskar Pelangi ( Rainbow Troops ) from Riri Riza, the message is Education is a Fundamental Right .

Thursday 19.11.09 - 20:00 - Hörsaal C1 Altes AKH (Alserstrasse)

Austrian National Day Celebration in Jakarta

The 26 October is Austria's National Day. On the day of 2009, the Austrian Embassy organized a gathering by inviting numerous important guests, either Indonesian or of other countries' diplomats.   Several Indonesian guests attended the joyful agenda, among others: Mr. Taufik Kiemas (Chairman of the People’s Consultative Assembly, MPR), Mr. Triyono Wibowo (former Ambassador of Indonesia for Austria & Slovenia, currently the Deputy of Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Mr. Samudera Sriwijaya (former Ambassador of Indonesia for Austria & Slovenia), Mr. Robert Inkiriwang (former vice Ambassador  of Indonesia for Austria & Slovenia, currently the Ambassador of Indonesia in Bulgaria).  In this occassion, some Austrian Universities' Alumni got a chance to attend the program, some of them were Danang Parikesit (TU Vienna), Harno Dwi Pranowo (Innsbruck), Khabib Mustofa (TU-Vienna) ang Dedi Rosadi (TU Vienna).

Further inofrmation and news, please feel free to visit The Jakarta Post

JaVienna : Java & Jakarta in Vienna Festival

In order to introduce Indonesian culture to the Vienna community, PPI Austria in cooperation with the SEAS (South East Asia Study) Indonesia hold a cultural performance entitled "JaVienna: Java & Jakarta in Vienna" on 25-26 September 2009, which is located at Ragnarhof, Grundsteingasse 12 1160 Vienna (U6 Thaliastrasse).

The event will last

  1. On Friday, September 25, 2009 at 17:00 with the theme "Java Night" showing Javanese dance performance by Gema Puspa Nusantara (GPN), puppet show, films and many attractions and interesting exhibits from Java.
  2. On the second day (Saturday 26 September 2009) the event will be opened at 17:00 with the theme "Jakarta Night" showing Jakarta dance performance, film and cultural attractions belonging to the Jakarta and surrounding areas


ASEA UNINET Scholarship has been awarded to Indonesian since 1994, most of them are of Ph.D. candidates studying in Austria.  The scholarships can be divided into several schemes: Post-Doc Scholarship, Ph.D. Technology Grant Scholarship, Short Research Visit and On-Place Scholarship.

As for 2009 (see Dikti Announcement), the Scholarship will be awarded to those who fulfill the requirements and the selection process is conducted by interview (usually in February for the commencing year). Among the requirements, the most critical one is the availability of Letter of Acceptance from some Professor (for Ph.D. candidates) in Austria that should be presented to the interviewers during the  interview session.  This requirement is a must, as it is impossible to offer a scholarship to some candidate while there is no guarantee what the candidate should do during his/her stay.

Related to this important requirement, it is suggested that those who are interested in applying ASEA UNINET scholarship must seek for some Professor (Supervisor candidate). Because finding such Supervisor is not easy, please start this stage as earliest as possible. Some tips to ease the pursuit of supervisor are:

Indonesia vs Austria

Today, I found  nice videos on YOUTUBE regarding the joint event among Indonesia and Austrian Students called "Culture Evening on ISU (Int'l Summer University) 2009" at MM UGM on 14 August 2009".  Are you curious and interested to know what the meaning of "Indonesia vs Austria" ? Please visit this link and enjoy the show.

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